A beautiful and long
family history


In 1919, Roger Forchy get his pastry certificate. This young man, from Yvetot, become a pastry employee in Rouen. Ten years later, with his wife Gilberte also from « Pays de Caux », he decides to become a pastry chef and confectioner and buy his own local in Yvetot. In the same year, Claude their son is born.

A perpetuated tradition
with a largest offer


Roger design and develop new pastries that make them known beyond Yvetot. Decided to develop this activity, he creates a new cake with the name of the patron Saint of the city Yvetot, “Le Saint-Luc”. He will keep this exclusive recipe, that today still makes is reputation. Claude arrives to work in the family pastry shop.

Pastry chef
from Father to son


After the world war II, the city of Yvetot is reconstructing. Roger buy a modern new local. The family moves in this new place. On their side, Claude and his wife Yvette decide to buy a small factory of cakes and sponge cakes. These two specialties will be sold in several bakeries in « Pays de Caux ». Claude and Yvette have two sons: Yves and Éric.

Tasty recipes for a century


Claude creates recipes that would make the success of the Forchy pâtisserie. The delights are created and made in the factory in Yvetot thanks to the team expertise. The work is expanding and Claude has to transfer his production in a biggest place. The factory is 700 m² with a new production area. From now, the Forchy pastries are distributed in all the Normandy region.

The third generation take over the factory


Yves joins the family pâtisserie to assist the development of the company. Then in 1990, it is Eric’s turn to start working with the team, with the commercial activity as responsibility. A little later, new gourmet pastries are born in Yvetot’s factory: sponge cake, brownies, marble cakes… The famous brownies are available in several savors.

An international vision


Forchy pastries cross the borders. It is the beginning of exportation in bordering countries as Belgium and Italia. Ten years laters, the pastries are crossing the oceans and will be sold in Canada, Japan… and in 25 different countries. It is principally these famous cakes and brownies that are leading the exportations.

Ingredients rigorously selected


For over a century, Forchy recipes evolve to fulfill the expectations of the greedy and demanding customer. The ingredients are rigorously selected: French wheat, French sugar, caramel from Normandy, cherries from Provence, sea salt from Guérande. The aim of our quality charter is to make greedy and healthy pastries, but more than all, savory. Each day we do, 200 quality inspections.

Forward towards a sustainable development


To limit and reduce the impact of his activity on the environement, forchy pâtissier enlists to raise awareness the employees to eco-friendly gestures (recycling, energy consumption and water consumption). Today, 70% of hot water is produced by solar panels.


Forchy pâtissier celebrates its 100 anniversary!


Éric keeps on writing the family story, still in Yvetot and always with the same passion and gourmet know-how.