Brownie as a bounty

Ingredients :

  • 1 chocolate and coconut brownie forchy pâtissier
  • 100 g grated coconut
  • 100g coconut cream
  • 50g agave syrup
  • 120 g chocolate
  • 8 g coconut oil


Open the brownie but let it in the tray.

In a salad bowl blend the grated coconut with coconut cream and agave syrup. Put this blending on the brownie.

Melt the chocolate and 8 g of coconut oil to keep the chocolate glossy. Pour the chocolate on top of the coconut blending.

Put the tray in the freezer during 30 min, put the tray out of the freezer, and cut generous slices.

Advice: Do not hesitate to dip the knife blade in hot water several times to facilitate the slicing.