We have been confectioners since 1919, father and son: Roger Forchy started in Yvetot, in Normandy as a pastry chef and confectioner. In 1952, his son joined him. Today, his two grandsons carry on the tradition.
Our long family history spanning nearly 100 years.
Our love of good taste and tradition have remained part and parcel of our methods, continuously improving our recipes to meet your expectations.
Our recipes are continually improved to meet your expectations. We ensure that the origin and quality of our ingredients are closely supervised:
- French wheat,
- cherries from Provence,
- caramel from Normandy,
- the orginal speculoos from Belgium.

For nearly 100 years, your satisfaction continues to be our daily concern:
we select our ingredients rigorously and take the utmost care when using them to ensure they meet your expectations.
Our operators and chefs perform nearly 200 quality checks every single day.

Tradition and flavor

Commitment to quality

Sustainable development

We are committed to a sustainable development initiative to reduce the environmental impact of our activity.
We educate our staff to adopt sound ecological principles by sorting, recycling,
and reducing power and water consumption.
Nearly 70% of the hot water used in our workshops is heated by our solar panels.

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